Specialty Eye Care Services

Specialty Eye
Care Services

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have come a long way and we are able to fit a wide variety of eyes and conditions. From basic daily lenses, spherical, toric or even bifocal contacts lenses, there are far more options out there. We can even fit medically necessary specialized lenses for keratoconic eyes. If you have been told you could not wear contact lenses in the past, you may be able to now!

Eye Emergencies

If you have a red, irritated, painful or itchy eyes, you need to come and see us. Our Optometrists can accurately diagnose and treat any eye emergency quickly instead of you spending time in the ER or with your primary care physician. We have all the right tools and skills to get the diagnosis correct.

Eye Disease Management

Early detection of eye diseases is crucial to maintaining and monitoring eye diseases. At American Vision Center, we are utilizing the latest technologies and testing methods to detect and manage early forms of macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, keratoconus and many, many more eye issues.

Dry Eye Disease

In Colorado, dry eye is a way of life. There are multiple forms of dry eye disease and unfortunately, just using eye drops does not necessarily treat them all. If you are finding that using over the counter eye drops just isn’t cutting it anymore, come in for a dry eye evaluation and we can determine what treatment modality is best for you.

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